Oliver Schröm


Oliver Schröm (born 1964) is one of Germany’s acknowledged investigative journalists and author and co-author of ten booklets, including several bestsellers. He has received several awards for his research. He is editor in chief of CORRECTIV, a German nonprofit investigative journalism newsroom whose stated goal is “to give citizens access to information.”

In 1995 he revealed the Nazi-connections of the Austrian right-wing politician Jörg Haider and thus ruined his chances to become vice-chancellor. In 2000 Schröm published a book on the donation practices used by the conservative party CDU shook the political landscape in Germany and triggered an enquiry into the subject. Two years later Schröm published a standard book about the terrorist Carlos, the jackal, the year after that he uncovered the deadly mistakes of the security agencies before 9/11 in a series of articles and in two books.

Schröm has worked at stern magazine since 2007 where he published a series of articles on German politicians and security agencies and their involvement in America’s war on terror. Between fall 2010 and sommer 2011 he uncovered with colleagues the criminals behind the international football match-fixing in a series of articles. In 2012 his investigative team researched one of the biggest scandals in the last 10 years in Germany which is named as NSU case in Germany. In 2013 he revealed with his team a network of private companies in Germany that act as henchmen for U.S. intelligence services and the mafia connection of Germany’s most prominent rap star Bushido.In 2010 Schröm founded Stern’s Investigative Team and headed it until he joined the ARD magazine Panorama.