26. 10. @ 11:00 | Debate: Government PR and social media – influence, presence or too much presence

Journalists and public figures will talk with a representative of the Government PR team about their influence and activities on social media.

The Government PR team has employed a significant number of ex civil society activists, journalists or public figures. They are all still very present in the social media sphere, often commenting on political and society issues, and influencing the daily public discourse. At times, they debate with people that criticize on certain politics or decisions of the Government. When is presence too much presence? Does the team of the Government have an ethical guideline for online behavior? Should they engage in commenting daily politics? Where is the line between using private social media profiles for promoting official government policy? Should the Government official web site and other web-sites of the Ministries look like advertising boards for their activities or they should be a service for the citizens? There are just some of the questions we will open at this debate about the government PR and their activities on social media.

Speakers: Branko Geroski, Marjan Zabrchanec, Bozidar Bozhinovski, Vasko Magleshov, Bojan Kordalov

Moderator: Vasko Magleshov