26. 10. @ 19:00 | Debate: Investigative journalism in Macedonia, challenges and moving forward

Young and experienced journalists from Macedonia discuss the state with investigative journalism in the country. 

Despite the many years of crisis in the media on the domestic scene, investigative journalism finds its way to audiences. What are the main obstacles for this way of work in the media? Has the change of Government improved the atmosphere for independent journalism? Do young journalists have enough training and conditions to get involved in investigative journalism? How much do the editors help in this process? What is the condition with investigative journalism in Albanian media in Macedonia? These are just some of the issues which will be discussed at this debate.

Speakers: Aleksandra Denkovska, Furkan Saliu, Vlado Apostolov, Vasko Popetrevski, Elida Zylbeari, Petar Klincharski

Moderator: Vasko Popetrevski