Case for Drisla: The Garbage Isn’t The Only Thing That Stinks

This investigative TV documentary reveals the corruptive practices of the authorities in regards to the working process of the biggest wasteland nearby Skopje, Drisla in connection to the pollution in the Macedonia capital and its’ surroundings.

The documentary has caused series of reactions and protests by the local citizens who live near the wasteland. Just before the broadcasting of the documentary, the authorities have announced that they will put the necessary filter so that the wasteland will not pollute the environment, even though many investments were announced long time ago. After the publication of the documentary, the authorities from the town of Skopje have organized a tour for the journalists so that they will pass the news that the filter has been finally put. The documentary has had more than 35.000 views only on Facebook, not to mention the views on local and national TV stations, as well as on other media. It was broadcasted on three languages: Macedonian, Albanian and English.